I need a venue. Preferably a positive one. It doesn’t have to be elongated or even substantial, but it would be nice if it was reoccurring. I need a positive influence, mostly for my well-being.
I have things. Things that I love. have a muse who I love. Contrarily, I have nothing to site for any of these aspects. I have three more semesters of this rubbish location and I’m high-tailing straight to the nearest friendly venue to start my life.
My problems aren’t major, or,  hell, even a big deal. I see friends with larger issues daily. But my friends seem so far away. A natural side effect of growing up, this is, I’m sure. On top of that, my problems are minute and nagging, like a hamster constantly untying my shoes and the hamster is immune to punting. So, complaining about my issues increases my self-loathing, because I complain about little things that don’t matter in any sort of grand scheme while others have “grown-up” issues in their “grown-up” lives. I constantly corrode at my core with cynic and pessimistic thoughts of predestined turmoil and bad karma, and it’s both ridiculous and incomprehensible. I need a venue, for my own sanity.
Indeed, I can write for many reasons and many causes, but excuses have a strong hold on me. I could probably blame my upbringing, since I had to fend for myself in most personal cases. Which is fine, since my psyche is strong, but it doesn’t allow me much room for error or personal empathy. I need a venue.
Without a doubt, my life is simple. But I am a person that can deal with big problems and not small ones. I need a physical reason presently to thwart my harsh standards and strengthen my integrity. I’ve become attached to SMSU in a very surprising way. It’s not like the city of Marshall. Maybe, reader, I should spend more time on my goals than thinking about it.