During lunch this afternoon, a lady well dressed in quite fancy clothes, walked in and ordered two meals. Upon trying to pay, her three credit cards were declined.
She wanted to split the cost between two cards after that, which also didn’t work, after which she looked up at me as asked, “now what do I do?” What do I say to something like that? It’s clear that personal standards are undisciplined and beyond her financial output. How terrible and dire her straits must be to ask a complete stranger how to handle her sudden and, as it seemed, unexpected money problems. Her first fix may be to eat at home, perhaps?
What about her outfit? Over six accessories were endowed on her person, all of which had a falsified exquisense. Is debt worth the contradictory viewpoint of a worker from a sandwich shop to go into debt to look as fake as one’s accessories? Her self-esteem needs some work, and, I can only assume, her friends and family need to be much more appreciative and supportive.
I hope, to whoever is reading, that you hold yourself in a proud esteem that knows that limits don’t mean weakness.