For the past week, I have spent nearly 6 hours on my phone speaking with Alienware tech support about the problems that I’ve been having with my laptop. These problems have been disgusting, ranging from locked Windows startup to the BSOD that doesn’t have an error code. And tech support hasn’t had an answer for me outside of “try this other way to reinstall Windows.”
I resorted to Google, the greatest show on the super highway. What I found came from a Frenchman with the same problems with the same model of laptop as I have, in regards to both counts. Apparently, the Windows 7 disc that is provided with my Alienware laptop doesn’t include the proper BIOS file, but all I have to do to make the installation work is to apply the driver as I start the installation. I mentioned the process to my tech support representative, and she declared the process as not correct. When I asked her reasoning, and why the process was bad, she simply said,”The installation shouldn’t be failing, and it should be working.”
Indeed, trial and error is required for this sort of ordeal, but I found a working make for my laptop that has been attested by other users. I also mentioned the BIOS debacle to the rep, to which she replied, “Your model of computer isn’t knoen for BIOS problems. It’s known more for hard drive problems.” This entire ordeal has been one big work around, and my patience has been wearing thin.
Anyway, the reason I sought help was to see if I could find a quick and permanent fix to my computr problems so I could return to my freelance writing job and also complete the rest of this semester without having to bend over backwards at the school in order to jump through hoops to hav an opportunity that I can’t access because of work. So, I’m going to tell the rep when she calls back tomorrow that it is not having the problems it had been having and that this functioning install is working much better than it ever had. Which is entirely true, in regards to the testing I have already run. My laptop hasn’t locked up since this install took, and I have restarted this thing at leat 15 times this evening installing drivers; according to the rep, the machine is sensitive and needs to be restarted after every install. Since it’s working, I’ll take it. I even followed a driver install order list that she provided. So, it wasn’t all bad. And the rep was even very nice to deal with when the process was occuring. Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly where my laptop is right now, in terms of full functionality. But, I only need so much for the next week, and then I can baby sit the hell out of this thing.