I don’t really know what is to blame, but I am exceptionally frustrated with my laptop at present. I am on my second attempt at installing Windows 7, and I don’t know why it failed the first time.
This ordeal is quite on the borderline of an inconvenience most untimely. Finals are within two weeks, and I have projects and writings to finish before Finals begin. I’m sure it’s entirely situational whenever it has happened to me, but times like this throughout my life have determined my likenesses for things. Microsoft has been one of the most unreliable functions in my technological life. Both generations of Xbox have been unreliable and needed replacing, and the last two Operating Systems have torn up my computer functionalities.
I’m sure I could blame Alienware for being purchased by Dell, but Dell polices as many updates as it possibly can to maintain properly functioning computers under its name, since Microsoft doesn’t have any precautionary measures to the like.
With that in mind, it’s not to hard to understand that my love for Playstation, even through the hardest of times, has been strong, since the brand has always been there for me. That is only my situation. I know many have had bad luck with Playstation. But that’s how things work. Loyalties come from reliabilities, and it’s unfortunate that not everyone can be completely reliable.