In a country founded on individualism, it’s almost ironic that regulating patterns occur through social behavior. Every occupation has them, and every social circle has them. In my case, fast food has many which are not identified.
A schema is a trained thought that corresponds with a mental expectation to a person, place, or situation. For instance, one thinks differently in a bathroom and in a kitchen. Both rooms are meant for different things, so it’s only natural. The same goes in terms of one’s food and those who serve it. I’ll use two real situations as examples from this evening. I delivered to a business, and the lady, who was standing next to a till filled with cash, handed me a large bill and asked for change. Regretably, she sees those who deliver food as money managers and expect them to be able to do what she could so easily do with a little extrinsic thought.
The other example may be a bit more intrusive. A man paid with a big bill later tonight, but he used that bill after having enough small bills to pay for his food in spades. I can only imagine that, since the job of a delivery driver, is to accommodate, he expects that treatment all around; I can definitely attest to that, since he didn’t tip.
Most of these behaviors must stem from self-sustainment, reader. I veer away from the weird “survival,” since this life only requires money and not actual physical effort, but I digress. Since today’s average human being doesn’t have much use actually fighting someone, perhaps giving oneself the satisfaction of a higher societal status or manipulative behavior helps enhance self-esteem.
Too bad, reader, they don’t see what we see. Life is what it is, and it doesn’t have to be harder by making it harder. It’s already difficult on its own.