Let’s talk about disappointment for a little bit. Certainly, I can’t be mentioning issues with a Game of the Year contender without looking like an ass. Regardless, I’m doing it.
Bethesda needs a bit of help. The help isn’t challenging or even overbearing. And this help would probably be handy for all developers in the industry: test the final product on a commercial model of each console. Issues that are apparent to consumers won’t be regarded on developer kiosks, I’m sure, especially the 360 ones. They have that massive addon bit on top of it to aid in development. I really wish I knew more about the development process, because this industry is far too personal for me to start picking it apart due to one terribly executed game that’s supposed to new great.
Save file issues? Texture issues? What are testers, and what are programmers? U would imagine that PC games can be more easily developed, since computers have compensative abilities. Console games need optimization. If that sort of dedication is too challenging or not worth the time, I would much rather prefer that the effort is not put forth.
I can now forgive Bethesda for their issues, as long as they fix it. I can get through this simply because I can say what I want as a small time guy and no one will see it.
I hope, reader, that these issues with the PS3 version of Skyrim can be fixed, so I can stop grumbling and start enjoying why this game may win Game of the Year (though Uncharted 3 is going to take it, hands down).