I’ve had a bit of time to dwell in my thoughts within the last 24 hours, finally, since I have a nice break away from school and work. This free time hasn’t been fully advantageous, but it’s been very welcome.
Within this time, I had my thoughts and my mentality thoroughly challenged in a very honest and empathetic way–a way that I needed. One person has done this, and, if that person reads this, then that person will know that “I thank you, Mr. Sexy Pants.” I love bromances.
Anyway, though my entire plan that I had structured a few weeks prior won’t be fully expressed, the lengths and wants which I will still obtain far outweigh the unreachable ones. I will earn enough money for school, I will have much more time for school, and I will also have much more free time for my freelance work; the exact schedule I has planned looks to be on track in line with my prior expectations. Indubitably, I’m very excited. I’m also fighting against myself to strengthen my mental integrity along with my emotional awareness. I really shouldn’t be framing my perspective around those who hate their own lives. It won’t help by being surrounded by those mindsets, especially since Marshall is engulfed in that mentality, but my sanity is at stake.
What can I say, reader? I can definitely say that, “Idiocy is easy to ignore.”
Here’s hopin’.