The more time I spend thinking about organizing thoughts and ideals is less time dedicated to my following. To what end can this possibly lead without any guidance?
All of my obligations are fighting for one time slot, but only one is giving me progress to my future; that doesn’t exclude my other options, but a guaranteed potential seems better than a vague one. But vague work brings about experience, and I need that shit in spades!
Mid afternoon is my prime time for education, and I can’t manipulate my schedule to be anything else; in fact, two classes are overlapped for me in the same time slot. I need some cooperation, and I’m going to be forcing it from my job.
Speaking of which, I’m very excited to tell my boss that my future is being hindered by this job. Oh man, it may be hard for her to see potential outside of this charming little drama-gossip hole called Marshall, MN. But, I gave up a year of my intended education time to help her, and I’ve received maltreatment and disrespect. I’m not obligated slightly. I want my life fully engrossed in school and PSU.
Next semester will be constrained with time, but I know what I want and where I want my time dedicated. Here’s to a better upcoming semester.