Multiple times in my life, I’ve been asked for advice. More often than not, that advice is not accepted, or even the advice is ignored. It’s a bit frustrating, since I would like my views respected. I’m sure not utilizing my thoughts isn’t a direct disrespect, but it’s hard not to perceive that without having justification.

Probably the most common scenario where this sort of situation resides is one about relationship issues. One asks a third party perspective to assist, and one finds a reason to not use the advice. It could be an attempt to find a cognitive dissonance to the situation. One “reasonable” notion created by Social Psychology would be that one could potentially be reasoning out potential options, as in other people with whom one could have a relationship, or one may even try to reason out all of the past events throughout the said relationship. It seems like a bunch of fooey, but when one seeks that sort of justification, the ends can’t justify the means. It’s tragic to know that people endure such behavior for acceptance for the entirety of their lives.

What can one do? Potentially instead of seeing the best in the worst, one could take the advice of a friend and see the worst in the “best.” One can only seek one’s own good in a situation like that. If it comes down to it, however, it’s best to know who one’s friends are and it’s even better to not disregard those who has one’s best interest in mind. Don’t forget, reader, that your friends value you and won’t tell you that you aren’t worth your while or the right of free thought.

Unless you are thinking of going to a Vikings game. 🙂