How very welcome are the little quirks and nuances that accompany a closely knit community. Of course, I say this with the harshest of sarcasm.
Whether it’s due to glares by drivers has they pass maliciously or if it’s the rude and judgmental stolen glaces, the sheer unspoken criticism can only be justified with a thought about self betterment. In other words, regard other so lowly that one looks superior.
The small talk here is huge. Guess what she did? And she has one of those? She WHAT!? A career? Ha! What does that even mean?
With that previous excursion, I wish that I had exaggerated.
So many people here have declared this town a superb place to raise a child. Everyone here is beyond civil, and the social upbringing is far too lax to create a justifiable group of individuals, let alone raise children in a similar fashion. I worry about these kids, but they don’t regard a healthier or smarter route. And neither do the parents. It’s unfortunate, but I’m ecstatic that the kids with determination and sellable skills leave this place for better lives.
Thanks, readers. And please stay away from Marshall, MN.