I don’t want to start this inappropriately. The subject matter is very serious, in that the matter is the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
Anyway, I was heavily overthrown when I reached chapter 5. I am enjoying this book, especially since it shows how our culture was in the past and how cruel and uncensured it was during such a hypocritical and negatively harmful time.
Now, unfortunately, is where the point of this post arises. Halfway down the first page of chapter five was a sentence that caught me inappropriately: “There was great running and ejaculating.” I hit an all time high in terms of frustration with myself. Usually my standards are much more particular than that. Instead of laughing at the sheer randomness of the word which was contextually appropriate at the time of the writing, I became angry with myself for being so taken aback by one word.
I truthfully hope that you, the reader, are far less disappointed in me as I am in myself.