Almost daily, I come across a distraction that’s been induced by my muse, of all things. She is far more capable of multitasking, so she runs her computer and Netflix on top of chatting with people. When I am faced between the priority of writing and the negligence of watching TV, I can’t help but be forced to watch the blasted television.
Even with a high priority for writing, I become deterred by the slightest, and usually very cliche and stupid, things that make noise, like bad television shows on Netflix. I know they’re bad, but I am engrossed in a very negative sense, since I can no longer think properly. Shows like Degrassi and Ugly Betty grab FAR too much of my attention and numb my brain worse than the most severe of colds.
But, what can I do? The only time I have with my muse nowadays is when we’re working on our particular projects in our living room, and I don’t want to miss those opportunities. However, I also need to achieve my goals and that requires time and effort; concentration is above all the most important, but Netflix ruins my plans. Maybe some music? It’s worked before, but it’s inconsistent, since I can still see the TV. Maybe a directional change for my desk?
Wow. I thought with my writing. I literally stopped for 10 seconds, and I thoroughly contemplated that notion of changing the setup. The potential is there, and I really am a bit flapped by my thought process through here, and you, the reader, were on the front lines to a potential living room redecorating.
Nothing will be comparable to this moment for you, reader, I assure you. 🙂
Thank you for appreciating my satire, and most definitely feel free to comment on my thoughts, or even give me ideas as to how the living room could be redecorated to accommodate my mentally distracted needs.