After a fairly massive debacle, in relative terms, with my order from, I will be able to receive the Playstation 3D Display this morning.
I had preordered it through Amazon in July shortly after it was announced. It was initially advertised to include Resistance 3, so the 3D would be properly used right away. The deal that included Resistance 3 required a preorder before October 1st, which I did by mere months.
However, Amazon changed the link location late September, and I didn’t catch the change until mid October. So, essentially, I was screwed out of a free game due to a combination of my illattentiveness and Amazon’s negligence. They have a system that reports any changes to a purchase, and that one definitely threw me under the bus. But, whatever.
So, I found the link that was correct, and preordered it on October 31st. When the date of arrival came around, November 15th, they sent me an email proclaiming that it will be delayed and that I won’t receive it until December 19th. So, I’m fairly distraught, since I promised to write up a review package on it for, and tonight, being Wednesday, is my only day off during any 7 day week (all thanks to me having a night class, but that’s a different story for a different post).
In result, I cancel my order. ‘I’m not going to wait until December,’ I tell myself. I then order it from Tiger Direct, which is a bit frustrating in itself. Because I’m a college student, I’m eligible for Amazon Prime, which greatly decreases shipping costs. So, the difference between shipping costs of Amazon and Tiger Direct is $20 to $4, respectively. Frustrating, but whatever, once again.
After I’m billed and my order is processed through Tiger Direct, I go to to check on their status of availability; I check for sheer spite, because I want to create some dissonance for buying from somewhere I don’t normally buy. Lo and behold, what do I find: “Playstation 3D Display, In Stock. Receive by November 17th for $3.99” Fantastic, Amazon.
It’s already too late to change at this point. So, I take it with a fit of frustration and bickering to my muse, and I fall into unconsciousness.
When I awoke this morning, my package was already in Minneapolis two hours ahead of when the packages usually go out of the warehouses for delivery. ‘Maybe I’ll get it today?’ I track it until 8:45 this morning, and UPS displayed that the package is out for delivery.
After all of that nonsense, I catch a bit of a break. I will still do my write up on the Playstation 3D Display, and I will still be able to use it on my only day off this week.
Speaking of which, that “other post” I mentioned may happen today.
Thanks, readers. Your eyes matter to my words.