I was disregarded a few times this week with different phrases that completely contradict social standard.
The first one was by a customer. He came up to the counter and said, “You want to give me a 17?” Since this statement was so incredibly unorthodox for little podunk Marshall, Minnesota, I responded with satire. “I most certainly do.”
Another was again while working. I made a congratulatory remark about an employee not working during the game, which was important since I worked during that indicated time. He quickly replied, “Hey, I didn’t write the schedule.” Quite aback is how I was taken. Defensive statements aren’t required when one is not at fault.
Finally, this last gem came this evening from the delivery driver at my job. She came up to me with a $20 and said, “You wanna just give me change.” Note the lack of a question mark. What kind of job allows employees to disregard managers this way? Fast food, where customers are people, and the dedicated are worthless.
On a lighter note, an amazing string of events outside of anyone’s present control are bringing me to a junction my life that’s making me reiterate both my priorities and my life. But, details on that will be coming in the coming days.
Hold tight, readers. This will be fun.
Hopefully. Thanks for reading, everyone.