After many months of constant drudgery, I have finalized my life objectives to focus around writing.
I received a graded paper back from the teacher that coaxed me into my new major, and she wrote on my paper, “If you had not switched majors, I’d be crushed. Your abilities in this discipline are marked and excellent.” I was very surprised by this, considering I had charged through this paper without organized thought the night before it had to be brought to class.
I also have an issue with it. My class is not comprised of incredibly skilled writers, and I’ve simply been exposed to much more material than most people. So, I don’t really like the appeal I receive in this class, due to the below average standard within it. I don’t want a public appeal until I can prove myself against those who are formidable writers.
In the time being, I gave my paper to two friends who are gifted in the English language and it’s grammatical nuances to receive constructive criticism. Fortunately, they found room for improvement. I want betterment in my writing, and I appreciate the help that is aiding me.
Having this sort of practice, this being my blog, is even better, since my posts are both random and off the cuff. Giving myself all of these options will bring out what I want from my brain: collectively entertaining word order writhing with flair, intrigue, and proper grammar.
Obviously, with sentences like that one, I’m not there yet. 🙂