I need ideas. Plain and simple, my idea necessity is greater than my need for sustinance for the next 15 hours.
I have a feature in its very light shower phase of brainstorming that needs some overcast. Where has gaming gone? The point of my idea is to cover the “progress” of the gaming industry from where it has come and where it has gone.
It can’t be preachy, since blind declaration isn’t my style. I want factual comparisons as well as actual topics to discuss and ponder. Maybe something like… How things change with age.
I conceived this notion upon my return to my favorite game series, period, called Metal Gear Solid. AS Far as gaming standards go now, these sort of games would probably have a hard time being successful without the namesake, which is quite unfortunate. I learned, I laughed, I reeled, and I even cried with this series generating all of these emotions within me; the story of Big Boss gets me every time.
I play it now, however, and my interest needed some jump starting. I knew what to expect, and I knew the MGS games were great, but I didn’t have my gumption initially. I changed my setting and my situation, and I accommodated the game properly, which it deserves. But, comparing this series to, say, the Uncharted series won’t be a fair comparison nowadays, since the Uncharted series appeals to the times perfectly. Time is of the essence, as the cliche states, and games that go by quickly with kick and pizzazz are what have “enhanced” the gaming demographic standard.
Where can we go from here, and why is the old standard no longer welcome? I forced myself to attain my old ways, and I again am loving the living crap out of those old games. But, most of the fan base is far too new now to know beforehand that the old styles of gaming are so much different than the standards of today. The new generation of gamers needs to know where their favorite pastime originated. The Japanese influence is almost gone, and the American standard can’t hold up forever. Complaints are frequent now, with gamers complaining about similar stories and haphazard ideas for new games, with the exception of a couple titles.
Metal Gear has so much influence from both sides of the Pacific Ocean, and that type of development needs to happen for the gaming industry, collectively, to move into the future. However, those old ways and the emphasis on challenge and storytelling need the fast pace of the present time.
Now, apart from that rant, I really need a filtered idea from all of this, without the idea being either biased or windy. Maybe I can sleep on it.
Or maybe my muse needs to come to bed.
Either way, as long as my thoughts arrive.
Now, as ever, thanks readers, for reading. Take care.