I need it. Without a doubt. I have too much I want to do. I want to learn French, I want to write about video games as often as I play them, I want to write my book, and I want to finish school. The only thing destroying my needed time for all of these things is my dead end job that makes going to school possible.
Why it requires so much time and effort for little payout is beyond my cognitive willingness, but I have to use it at this point to continue moving in a direction that looks like it’s pointing forward. Essentially, for now, my best option would be to better manage my time. I may have to steal a secretary that can mooch expected pay from prior employer, but it will work.
Seriously though, I’m in between a few great things and policed by one bad thing: real life. I need to change my rules. Change my order. Change my priorities. Change my occupation? Perhaps. I can write anywhere, since English is everywhere in American (excluding the aisles at Walmart).
My life needs a change, a change that can organize all the change I’ve had this year, so my progress remains steadfast.
Tomorrow. I’ll start then.