Forewarning: If you haven’t finished Red Dead Redemption, please stop here. I don’t want such a great ending to be ruined. So much so in fact, I will only link to the spoilers and be as vague as possible here while still complaining up a storm.

Be warned. The link will be a spoiler of the worst kind, since the link goes to a page that’s bashing the ending. It’ll also be at the bottom of the page, so I can’t be DIRECTLY blamed for ruining the story. Now, all clarities aside, let’s start complaining.

I found an article on about how John Marston betrayed gamers. The title sounded blasphemous enough to read, so I did.
Indeed, it was blasphemous. He spoke of almost personal ties through the game, which is okay, since some people feel that fictional characters are real people (*DISCLAIMER*I’m complaining in hyperboles to make him look bad, not the site). Okay, that’s fine. I’m okay with it, since I’ve attached myself equally or more so to one great man Solid Snake from the greatest game series ever made.
Segue over; When the ending came around, which was the highlight of the game for me, he said that John Marston ditched him for what was happening (I will NOT reveal it. The ending is phenomenal). The purpose of that ending was to build a personal character on top of what was already established. The ending was what he had been striving to reach, and he had it. Why would the gamer want to take that away from his or her friend, or even favorite protagonist? It seems illogical.
Besides, the ending is meant to be a buildup to something obvious. I knew what was going to happen. Every scene after defeating his best friend pulled on my heart strongly. The ending was inevitable. When the ending happened… I was still surprised. Without words, John Marston proved his mettle to his ultimate goal. He is undeserving of such a statement like “he betrayed gamers.” He was honest, and his story was honest. He never looked through the screen and said, “Thanks for watching.” His story was great enough to not need something that ridiculous.
With this being the greatest story every told by Rockstar Games, and comparably better than many stories within the gaming industry, Red Dead Redemption does not deserve this kind of flack. It hasn’t received this kind of flack. Why does this happen? Might as well give Uncharted 3 a 7/10 for fun by saying that the game is linear, and everything within the game reflects that, even though the experience is far more engrossing than any other on any platform currently–Segue again.

Seriously, only read this if you have finished the game. Or, if you don’t have any way to play video games EVER. Which would be silly.