I’ll be heading to San Francisco this week to demo the new Need for Speed game, which is being funded fully by EA Games!
This is a pretty big deal, since I’ll be legitimately reporting on content hands-on in the field, and I’ll be flying for the first time.
I tried the demo for the game last night, and I was blown away by the vivid direction that the Need for Speed series has gone. In a race on a snowy mountainside, avalanches were constantly threatening to send me down the mountainside as I raced to also beat my contender. The race ended climatically when I reached the final tunnel and I had to drive through the beginnings of an avalanche threatening to cover the tunnel entryway.
I’ll be attempting a few of the latest installments before Wednesday, so I can become more versed in the overall progress; I haven’t played a Need for Speed game since Underground, so the progress presently looks phenomenal. I have hopes that the overall growth of the franchise has been gloriously uphill the whole way.