The failing appeal from the East within the gaming world has deteriorated the structural beams of the industry. Now that the structure of the industry is firmly upheld by the West, the East needs to reapply their expertise and exocentric styles back in with its former glory. They will have to engineer a new scheme to present the old ways and customs in an engrossing and provocative way. Timely enough, enter the Playstation Vita.
The Vita will require games with a portable appeal. Almost a ridiculous statement that was, but using a funnel such as that will be the best tool the East can use. Fully realizing that the medium requires a hastened delivery will instigate opportunities for the East to utilize their societal mentality to develop engrossing games with massive potential and features with minimal financial output. At least, it can be compared as such to the current cost of games this generation.
For instance, create a game that displays the backdrop, and make the backdrop the focal point, our even the main character, that interacts with the humanoid characters and give them and intertwining story together. A touch screen and six axis controls would be beyond substantial for an idea such as that. It would also maintain a substantial significance on the background and the overall overlay while developing characters and story that appeals to the West.
An opportunity like this is what the industry needs, and the East will be the one to benefit the most. What the West has to offer will peak with consoles, but the Vita can bridge new fans unfamiliar with the old Japanese ways to understand and appreciate what they hold significant. It will also show that melding the two influences will create a far greater industry structure that will overextend any medium to date.